Our Mission

Cahiers d’Art Institute (CDAI) is a 501c3, U.S. nonprofit organization founded by the art publisher Cahiers d’Art, known for its historical, multivolume catalogue raisonné of Picasso as well as newly published catalogues raisonnés of Ellsworth Kelly and Frank Gehry and its famed journal, La Revue.

Artifex Press, founded in 2009 as one of the first publishers of digital catalogues raisonnés, is now a part of Cahiers d’Art Institute.

CDAI will focus its efforts on the publication of catalogues raisonnés of leading 20th and 21st century artists and architects, both digitally and in book form.

CDAI will also give grants to qualified art historians, scholars, and other experts for research and scholarship.

For further information about CDAI, please contact us at info@cahiersdartinstitute.org.


An industry leading digital platform for publishing and updating catalogues raisonnés.

CDAI research, scholarship, publishing, and educational initiatives respond to the needs of artists, artists’ estates, public and private art museums, public and private art foundations, high schools, colleges, universities, public and private art collections, and the general public interested in art scholarship.

CDAI donors are artists, artists’ foundations, artists’ estates, specialized grant making foundations, private and public foundations, art collectors, art galleries, and the general public.

CDAI's eminent board of advisors and board of directors assures its independence and relevance in its publishing and grant making decisions.

Organizational Affiliations

Cahiers d'Art Institute is a member of the Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association (CRSA) and the International Catalogue Raisonné Association (ICRA).


Our Publications

Please see below our 2021 brochure of catalogues raisonnés, including information about our currently published and forthcoming projects.

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Accessibility Statement


Editor Tiffany Bell discusses the Agnes Martin catalogue raisonné

Director of Research Chris Vacchio discusses the Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings catalogue raisonné

A brief demonstration of the Cahiers d’Art Institute database

Jim Dine discusses his use of tools in an interview with Editor Sara K. Davidson


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