Cahiers d'Art Institute Accessibility Statement


It is the desire of Cahiers d’Art Institute to create a digital product that enables as many people as possible to use our product, including users with disabilities. To meet this goal, Cahiers d’Art Institute has started work on making changes to the website's digital interface and underlying code to make the product more accessible to all. We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of this website. If you find any problems not listed on this page or need further assistance, please contact

Work Completed

Cahiers d’Art Institute has completed, tested, and launched the following changes to our digital product:

  1. Improvements to the text color contrast on the homepage, global navigation bar, and global footer
  2. Addition of meaningful page titles to every page, site-wide
  3. Improvements to keyboard navigation for global navigation
  4. Added use of ARIA properties and semantic HTML elements on many pages to provide better context of page content

Future Work

As part of an ongoing effort to update and improve the Cahiers d’Art Institute site, Cahiers d’Art Institute will conduct further compliance testing and evaluation, over the coming months, to make sure that all users can:

  1. Navigate the website using a keyboard
  2. Navigate the website with speech recognition software
  3. Use the website with a screen reader
  4. Change colors, contrast, and typefaces
  5. Zoom content up to 300%

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