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December 17, 2012 5:22 PM

Artifex Press is a new company dedicated to the production of digital catalogues raisonnés.

We're launching on December 19, 2012, with our first two catalogues: Chuck Close: Paintings, 1967-present,


and Jim Dine: Sculpture, 1983-present.


For the next several months, we're offering free, limited-time subscriptions to both catalogues. Access will be granted on a rolling basis. Please register at the top of any page of this website to request access. We will email you when your free subscription begins.

Artifex Press has also been named publisher of the catalogues raisonnés for the estates of Sol LeWitt and Agnes Martin along with contemporary artists Chuck Close, Jim Dine, Tara Donovan, Loris Gréaud, Tim Hawkinson, Thomas Nozkowski, James Siena, Bosco Sodi, and Richard Tuttle. In the upcoming months, we will announce several more collaborating artists and estates.

Please check our blog for information about upcoming catalogues and announcements about participating artists.

To learn more about Artifex Press, please email

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