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Artifex Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming catalogue raisonné for Tim Hawkinson. Since the mid-1980s, Hawkinson has been creating an inventive and highly eccentric body of work that touches on such diverse subjects as music, the passage of time, and his own body. He frequently works with non-traditional media such as latex, eggshell, fingernail clippings, slide whistles, and aluminum foil, as well as a range of discarded and scavenged objects. His art encompasses two- and three- dimensional objects and ranges in scale from the minute to the gigantic. His materials and artistic process are indelible parts of the finished works, many of which are kinetic or interactive.

Artifex Press has been actively researching Hawkinson’s artworks, publications, and exhibitions in an effort to ensure the accuracy of this comprehensive publication. We are working in close collaboration with the artist to produce this catalogue, which is expected to be an ongoing project as Hawkinson continues to create work. We would like to take this opportunity to solicit any and all pertinent information about Hawkinson’s work, including information that pertains to exhibitions, publications, and ownership, either past or present. Please note that Artifex Press maintains strict confidentiality of collector identity and contact information, and respects requests for privacy and anonymity.

Please email Hannah Barton, Research Associate, at with any relevant information or queries.

Hawkinson’s work is currently showcased in a group exhibition at Pace Gallery titled Grounded, on view at 534 West 25th Street until February 14, 2014.

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