Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings

The Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings Catalogue Raisonné is the definitive publication of LeWitt’s most celebrated body of work. The result of more than a decade of continued research in close collaboration with the Estate of Sol LeWitt, the catalogue features comprehensive information for LeWitt’s approximately 1,350 wall drawings, comprising approximately 3,500 installations at more than 1,200 venues.

Nearly every first installation of each wall drawing is illustrated with an archival photograph and additional images illustrate subsequent installations—approximately 6,000 images in total. Also included are images of the wall drawing diagrams—schematics that indicate how a work is to be installed—and dozens of multimedia features, including rarely-seen installation videos and an audio file of LeWitt delivering installation instructions for the exhibition Art By Telephone at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in 1969.

Detailed notes by Editor Lindsay Aveilhé and Director of Research Christopher Vacchio highlight the evolution of many wall drawings and call out important distinctions from one installation to the next, contextualizing the works’ installation histories, selected bibliographies, and previous titles.

The catalogue raisonné also includes Sol LeWitt Complete Writings and Sol LeWitt Interviews, collections of texts and interviews spanning the artist’s career that collectively chart the evolution of his artistic practice while underscoring the consistency of his thinking. Many writings are accompanied by facsimiles of original manuscripts in the artist’s hand, and several interviews include audio of the artist’s voice.

Additional Information

The Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings Catalogue Raisonné research team is eager to receive any information or documents pertaining to the artist’s wall drawings. Any and all anecdotes about the installation, exhibition, or ownership of these works, as well as bibliographical references and visual material are also welcome.

All information will be kept strictly confidential, and all photographic prints will be returned upon request.

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