Agnes Martin

The Agnes Martin Catalogue Raisonné comprises two volumes: Agnes Martin: Paintings, published in 2017, and Agnes Martin: Works on Paper, published in 2019.

The first volume, Agnes Martin: Paintings provides complete documentation of more than 630 paintings from Martin's student paintings from the late 1940s through her final works in 2004. Also included are some half dozen constructions (mixed media collages and assemblages) and her one film, Gabriel.

The second volume, Agnes Martin: Works on Paper, contains entries for more than four hundred ink and graphite drawings and watercolors from Martin’s mature phase (1959 to 2004), as well as some thirty of her earliest known works, many uncovered during the research process. Though relatively modest in number, Martin’s works on paper form an important part of her oeuvre. The artist made no hierarchical distinction between works on paper and works on canvas, often blurring the definitional boundaries between them by drawing on canvas and painting on paper. Martin’s works on paper are unique artworks in their own right, not studies for paintings, and contribute to a more complete understanding of her overall approach to art-making.

Combined, the two volumes contain approximately 2,100 high-resolution photographs, which can be viewed in detail using the zoom feature. Chapters and filters group the works by mediums and motifs, allowing scholars, curators, and collectors to consider the similarities and differences between related works. Multimedia highlights include never-before-published manuscripts, pictures of the artist, audio recordings, and video files, in addition to many newly commissioned photographs of artworks. Other notable content includes an illustrated chronology, three essays by Editor Tiffany Bell, and six bibliographies, one of which is specific to the Artist’s Writings and Interviews.

The Agnes Martin Catalogue Raisonné is the product of more than ten years of research into the artist’s work and represents the most definitive and comprehensive study of Martin’s oeuvre to date. The catalogue will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.

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