How do I subscribe to Artifex Press?

We offer All Catalogues subscriptions and Single Catalogue subscriptions. All Catalogues subscriptions are for academic, museum, and public libraries; art galleries, auction houses, and art professionals; and interested individuals. These subscriptions entitle you to the entire published Artifex Press library of catalogues. Single Catalogue subscriptions are for those whose interest is limited to a specific artist. If you are interested in two or more catalogues, we encourage you to consider an All Catalogues subscription. Detailed information on our subscriptions can be found here. To subscribe, inquire here.

How long is a subscription term?

The term of a subscription is 1 year from the date of payment. You will be reminded of the renewal of your subscription 2 months prior to the anniversary.

Can I change from a Single Catalogue subscription to an All Catalogues subscription?

A Single Catalogue subscription holder can upgrade at any time to an All Catalogues subscription. Please contact us at subscriptions@artifexpress.com if you are interested in upgrading your subscription.

Can I share my subscription?

Single Catalogue subscriptions are intended for a single user. All Catalogues subscriptions are administered through an IP block, so that you can have an unlimited number of users in a single location.

Can I get a demonstration of the Artifex Press platform and catalogues available?

Absolutely! Please contact us at subscriptions@artifexpress.com to set a date and time for a complete demonstration of the Artifex Press platform.


How do I know if a catalogue has been updated?

Catalogue raisonné updates are recorded by the editor and researchers for each catalogue. In the catalogue index for each publication, you will find a page titled “Catalogue Updates” with detailed information about the types of changes recorded as well as a log of those changes.

How often will catalogue raisonnés be added to the Artifex Press library?

Artifex Press plans to publish at least one new catalogue raisonné per year. We encourage you to visit our brochure of catalogues raisonnés and join our mailing list to stay current on Artifex Press updates.

How do I know when a new catalogue has been published on Artifex Press?

Artifex Press will communicate the publication of new catalogues and news of forthcoming catalogues on our website and through our mailing list.

Can I download images, video, or audio files and content from the site?

Files and content are not available for download from the site. We are able to make certain information available to scholars and we publish full photography credits if you wish to contact the copyright holders for permissions. If this is a press inquiry, please contact Ariela Alberts at aalberts@artifexpress.com directly for permissions and promotional usage.

Who do I contact if I have information about an artwork?

Please contact the editor of the relevant catalogue to submit information about an artwork. Contact information can be found on our contact page.

Technical · IT

What browsers does Artifex Press support?

Though Artifex Press is designed to be compatible with the newest versions of all browsers, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome for optimal performance. Certain older versions of browsers may not be supported. If you detect a problem using our system, please contact us at admin@artifexpress.com and detail the issue.

How does Artifex Press protect data that subscribers have access to?

We regularly backup our databases and servers to protect our catalogues and their underlying assets. We also work with third-party archives on issues of long-term data preservation.

Who do I contact to report technical problems associated with my account, subscription, or site functionality?

We ask that any problems you are experiencing be communicated to admin@artifexpress.com. We will address any problems as quickly as possible.

Who can I contact about a feature request or suggestion?

Please send all inquiries about features and suggestions for site improvements to info@artifexpress.com. We welcome your feedback on our software.

Artists · Estates · Foundations

I am an artist. How can I use Artifex Press to catalogue my work?

Artifex Press offers software licensing as well as editorial, research, and design services for artists, artist estates, artist foundations, scholars, and other interested parties who wish to catalogue the work of an artist. Please see details of our services offered here. Artifex Press works with artists and estates to deliver the best possible solution for each artist. We ask that you inquire with us directly about licensing our software, our publishing services, or for a demonstration of our software at info@artifexpress.com.


I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

If you forgot your Artifex Press password, you can reset it using the email address you registered with on the sign in page.

How does Artifex Press protect my account information?

Artifex Press protects the privacy of all personal and institutional information collected to process payments and provide accessibility to the platform. We ask that you look at our privacy policy, subscription service terms, and terms and conditions for complete details.


Who do I contact if I need help using the site?

If you would like personal training or support, please contact us at info@artifexpress.com.


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